Balance Entertainment center- pictures!

tergarSeptember 19, 2008

Ok so I think I finally got this picture thing figured out. My questions are: does the wall look ok with chair on one side and bookshelf on the other? Is the bookshelf too much? I would like to put a clock over bookshelf and square picture over chair, is it too much? Also the little cat table will be replaced at some point but now it holds diapers and baby stuff and that is a must-keep for now. Thank you

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How about turning the bookshelf so it sits diagonally in the corner?

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What a beautiful entertainment center! And I love your wall color too. I like the chair in the one corner, but am not loving the bookcase in the other so much. Lined up as it is next to the entertainment center, it kinda strikes me as a "mini-me". ;-) I wonder how the bookcase would look turned and moved onto the short wall that's just to the left (as you're facing it)?

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The chair is OK but not liking the bookcase. Do you have anywhere else for it. I would put a large plant in the corner where the bookcase is.

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Thanks ladies. I will turn the bookshelf to the corner and the other wall and post pics. Please stay tuned!

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If there's enough room, I'd try the bc on the right with the chair overlapping the etc, enough so the kids can get to their books. Maybe a tall tree in the other corner, something with a weeping growth habit looks nice too.

I like to see things not so centered and lined up, so shifted what's on top of the etc. Also moved the etc off-center on the wall a bit.

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So there it is in the corner, which I think looks better in person than it does in the picture. What do you think of that? I tried it on the side wall and it does not work. And no there is no where else in the room it can go, the only other option would be take it out of the room, but I like that the kids can have a place for some books in here. I added the kids chair for fun, maybe it gives the space a purpose, maybe it is too crowded? I plan to add more pictures and decorate the top two shelves.

So if you think it is workable there, what about the walls on either side of the entertainment center, I think they need something. Can I put a round clock on the wall next to the entertainment center(bookshelf side) or does that mess things up with the bookshelf diagonal? Would two similar pictures or sconces(sp?) or something be better?

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Youare already getting great input, but I wanted to ask, what is the wall color?


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squirrelheaven's photoshop is excellent - I'd go that route. Looks so inviting!

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I love Squirrel's mock-up, and think that would be an ideal look if it worked in person. If not, I do like the bookcase angled better than sitting flat on that wall. The kiddie chair does crowd the look a bit, but it's so adorable that I'd find it hard to resist leaving it there! I think a large round clock on the wall to the left of your entertainment center would look great. On the other side, I'd hang two prints, one on top of the other, to about the same height as your clock on the other side.

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Wow squirell, thank you. Here is the wall next to that corner, it has the fireplace. Do you still think the bookcase and chair look ok there, not too much in one spot?

I am going to move the bookcase over there and take picture of all that but I need to get ds from bus stop first.

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It is Laura Ashely Gold 4 and the fireplace wall is Paprika by Eddie Bauer

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You're welcome : ) I'd give it a whirl and see how much the case extends towards the window. Looks promising, I think, and very nice. I did move the chair out and forward and overlapping the etc some.

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Hi there - been lurking for awhile but this is my first post. I'll give you my 2 cents :)

You have a beautiful entertainment center, but something is distracting me when I look at it. I figured it out - it's the DVDs and the books in two different places. Do you think you could combine them? Put the DVDs in the bookshelf and in their place, put some decor items? I think that would look more harmonious.

I think the angled bookshelf on the left looks fine, but I don't care for the kiddie chair. It's too dark and does look a little too cramped. Good luck! I love your paint too :)

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Does the entertainment unit have to be centered on the wall? I would move it to the left more, if you can, perhaps just a couple of inches out of the left corner. Then you can use the right side area for the chair, a nice side table, thw bookcase behind, a standing lamp, etc.

A lovely family space!

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Gumbosoup- I fought the battle of the DVDs when we got the unit. Dh just has so many and not sure where to put them yet, we'll see.
Squirrel- Awesome again, thanks. I love both but my favorite is the second with the two small pictures on one side and the big one over the chair.

And I had concluded that it is too tight in the corner to have the chair and bookshelf until I read what Les said about moving the entertainment center to the left. So I will have to give that some thought. I want the kids to get to the books(especially since we are trying to keep all other toys out of here, well stored out of here that is). Trying to have a nicely decorated family room in a house with three kids five and under is a balancing act!

Thanks for all the advice. I have many projects going on (at least going on in my head) right now and now that I finally actually tried to post a picture and acomplished it I will be back with more soon. Like the sectional couch we have been going back and forth on...

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I say put a very small/thin lamp on the bookcase and get a nice oval mirror over the soften it up...

And come one is going to photoshop the cat? LOL...I looooovvveee cats! Bonks to your cutie!

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Would you be able to put the bookcase over where the baby swing is now, on the gold wall?

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I do love the little kids' "mini-me" reading spot on the left, but you can see how much the etc is moved down to the left in the first virtuals by seeing its alignment with the ceiling fan : )

Almost forgot! I tried staining the mantel for your rich room colors -- one is lighter and one has corbel supports added. (Maybe paint that wall switch red.)

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dd50-The gold wall over by the swing is two and a half inches too short for the bookcase :(

Yeah, I did miss that the entertainment center had been moved over in the virtual.
OMG squirrel I am going to get a huge "I told you so" when my dh sees what you did to the mantel. He has been saying since before we moved in that we should paint the mantel! I will say that the "stone" is not as dark in real life as it is in the picture and when I posted that picture I thought WOW it really looks stark white! He is on vacation this coming week and the the plan is for him to get whatever projects I want finished so he'll be thrilled to add that to his to-do list.

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Tergar, I like what squirrelhaven did with the room, but do not like the mantle painted white. I think the stone goes better with a dark stained molding.

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