outlet in center of kitchen island

kellykathDecember 4, 2009

O.K. I just want to know if this is a bad idea or not or if it is why is it. I am completely remodeling my kitchen and will have a center island. I would always have something in the center of it, bowl of fruit, flowers, etc. I am considering adding an "inset" drop in or "flush" mounted outlet in the center. I think I would use it for a number of things, small christmas tree (I have a small kitchen tree) entertaining - being able to plug a crock pot, chocolate fountain, or even a decorative lamp complimenting the room, etc. etc. etc. and hiding the cord under a surrounding piece of fabric as opposed to seeing a cord draped across and under the edge of the counter. As something would always be sitting in the center, it would easily be hidden.

If any of you have done this I would like to know if you are happy you did, or if anyone wishes you did please respond. Thanks!

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Outlets are not allowed to be face up in kitchen counters.

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Or in any other countertop.

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Chance of liquids to leak in...

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