Are Stand Up Desks The New Trend?

martinca_gwSeptember 1, 2014

Wasn't sure which side to post this query. A rep in office furniture suggested this desk for my dd who spends too much time working at her desk unhealthy. Supposedly, many offices are going this route. Hard for me to imagine the comfort of this, and hoping to get experienced user reviews . Anyone?

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Not me. I'm old school. Give me a chair.

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Depends on how much time you spend sitting there. In the late 70's, I was a 411 operator for the phone co. Imagine the hours we sat there at the desks, but we did have some stations that were equipped for standing only. So it's not a new idea at all. We only had a few of those and they had a waiting list to use them! I think it would be a great idea to have a desk area equipped for standing or sitting. You'd need a motoriized stand to raise the computer , though.

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It does seem to be a new trend in our offices. One person even had a treamill desk :) There are attachments you can buy to add to your cube or desk so that you don't hve to buy a whole new desk. They also raise and lower I believe so you can use it sitting or standing. I thnk it takes awhile to get used to standing all the time. some people seem to just do it for part of the day.

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I guess it would work for some situations. You would want a gel mat or something to stand on, though.

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AnitaMo is right, a desk equipped for either/or but that would not suit the PC crowd who can afford personal trainers and a spouse who dictates policy.

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Just read an interesting article about this very thing. I'd love to have one with an option for sitting. Perhaps a bar stool?

Patricia, what do you mean by "a spouse who dictates policy"? You lost me :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Sitting is bad for you. So I stopped.

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There is increasing scientific evidence that too much sitting, even with getting recommended amounts of exercise, is bad for you. Yes, definitely take breaks when you can. Still, I am at the computer way too much, and it is affecting my weight and my health. I do try to walk when I use the bathroom and will put my laptop on our bartop at home.

I am planning on ordering a treadmill desk in the next couple of weeks for home. Just wish I had done it sooner. I've tried them out at my conference. Once you get a rhythm down, it is fine.

They make combo standup desks for the treadmill along with a normal desk, but I do not have room for both in our small home office.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lifespan Treadmill Desks

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I've wanted a "stand up" desk since we got our first computer in 1998.

I still want one, although right now I'm using a turn-of-the-last-century oak library table. It's gorgeous, simple, and sleek. No place to "store" clutter; no hutch top.

I still want a stand desk though.

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I believe Thomas Jefferson had a stand-up desk, so they've been around somewhere in the neighborhood of 250 years, if not longer.

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They've had them at DH's office for about a year. I believe they convert from sit-down to stand-up so you aren't committed to only one or the other. DH loves his and has a lot fewer back issues than he did before.

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There has been a lot written about this trend, and I do think it's a great idea. If she can, she should.

In my office, a lot of people wonder around the trading floor talking on head sets. Same reason.

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Earlier this year, DH was convinced that he needed a standing desk in his private office at his clinic. Not to replace his big, sit-down desk, but in addition to it.
I had to first search on line just to figure out what he was picturing. It was something like one of these:

I must have searched through at least 20 antique and furniture shops in the area for one to no avail. Everything I found looked more like a pulpit or a Bible stand. I gave up in frustration, but he's started asking about one again. The older wood ones don't seem to be that available these days. Personally, I'm hoping he'll forget about it.

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Our company is building a new office and all the work space will have sit/stand height adjustable desks. Supposedly the more you move around and change positions, the more productive you are.

They have also changed our phones out to VOIP so we receive calls over our computer so theoretically you can take your laptop and work in the common areas around the workplace or even outside on a park bench. Sounds like a way for the younger gen to walk around and socialize instead of working all day. All the buzzwords get thrown around, work/life balance, collaboration, etc.

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Lynn, I've also seen these used with the TM desks, but they can also be used as a standard desk. They are height adjustable, so maybe your DH would like this.

Here is a link that might be useful: GeekDesk

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Yes, this is a major trend for office workers. Several employees at my office have received setups that allow them to raise and lower computer monitor and keyboard to accommodate either standing or sitting. Another co-worker works from home and walks on a treadmill while working. There are indeed some recent studies that have shown that too much sitting has negative health effects.

While I have not yet converted to a standing desk, I have instead converted from a standard office chair to a stability ball. I was experiencing serious neck pain and have found sitting on a stability ball to be much more comfortable. I suspect it is also improving my posture and I noticed muscle soreness initially that suggests some improved usage of leg and posterior muscles.

So yes, this is a new thing and I think it would be great to set your daughter up with a system that allows easy conversion between standing and sitting for an optimal office setup.

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Just came across this in a trade magazine today. Pretty nifty idea to simply convert any desk and only $350: Varidesk

Here is a link that might be useful: varidesk

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That's cool, VW. I've seen videos of treadmill while typing. Good grief! I'm spastic enough single tasking! Hard to imagine doing it.

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I've been planning for a stand up desk with my remodel. It seems that wireless keyboards and a wireless mouse are helpful. So far, my research has failed to uncover any clear reliable products. Do any of you have recommendations for these products?

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Yes, I recommend it since more people are dying because of sitting too much. Pair it with a standup chair of course..

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Texasgal, we've had wireless keyboards and mouses (mice? meese?) for years. They have all been reliable. I think the technology is old enough now for you to be comfortable choosing based on price or some other criteria. However, if you still want to do some research before you buy, look at to see if they have any recommendations.

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Violet.West, that's a fantastic one! The ones my coworkers have drop the keyboard really low when it's seated, but that looks perfect.

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Working on the computer in all different positions.

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Ugh, too! I'd much prefer a sit-down desk myself.
Gsciencechick: thanks for that, but DH wants one of the antique or antique-looking ones. Preferably one with a flat top surface so that a patient chart, medical book or laptop/notebook wouldn't fall off easily. And one with no drawers, so that he won't be tempted to fill them with more stuff to misplace (LOL). I'm already too familiar with his (regular) desk at the clinic and here at home in his study, and think a stand-up desk would just end up as one more surface for him to clutter up!

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Years ago I worked part time for a company doing their payroll. At the same time, I was having back problems and ended up having surgery. They rigged my cubical with two for sitting and one for standing. I'm not comfortable doing either one for any length of time and it was great letting my body dictate what felt better at the moment. Yes...for me, in addition to and not instead of a sit down desk.

There are some online instructions for building your own but some of the ones I've seen on Amazon are slick....and pricey. :)

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