Smoke detector and CO beeping without reason

homeseller2010December 9, 2010

Hello All,

Yesterday night one of the CO detector started to beep without reason (this after through checking the house) and then I changed the battery.

The beep did not stop and all other Smoke detectors and CO started to beep constantly--I did not smell any smoke, no fire, opened the windows and doors, no unusual usage of any appliances at that hour(2am).

My son pressed and held the test button of the CO for a while and then the beeping stopped!!! --just when I was above to call the cops.

What could be the reason? Whom should I contact? There is absolutely no fire, smoke or any kind of unusual thing things happening at home. Even now and then I hear one or two beeps.

Please advice.



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Spiders and their webs can cause false alarms. Dust can be a problem. Blow out with compressed air.

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"Dust can be a problem. Blow out with compressed air."

Vacuuming them works better at removing dust.

The ionization smoke detectors are very sensitive to ANY dust in the chamber.

CO detectors adsorb the CO onto the sensor to change its impedance and are not as dust prone.

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How would vacuuming be better than blowing out with compressed air? I figure it's doing the same thing except in different directions except maybe compressed air would have more force to dislodge a spider web.

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Did you change just one battery? How many detectors are linked together? A bad battery in one causes all to sound off.

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There is no way you can tell if you have CO. It is colourless and ordourless. That is why you have a detector. The detector could be defective or it could be doing it's job.
I think I would get someone with a known good detector to come and test your house.

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Thanks guys. Finally I called Fire Dept yesterday after changing all the batteries for 6 FD's and 2 CO detectors and still these went on beeping in some erotic intervals.

There was no CO detected, as already mentioned in OP there was not fire or smoke.

Fire guys could not initially figure out the reason--and to everybody's surprise these stopped beeping once fire guys entered the home!!!!

However, after we insisted to check and give atleast what could be the reason/reasons--fire chief could identify the culprit. There is this one FD in my son's room that is broke(no physically) and this was the one triggering others to go of.

Ordered one online and will replace all of them soon.

Thanks again. What a relief --that noise made me go crazy. Still ringing in my ears.


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good job hit the nail on the head. I commend the OP for getting back to us with the resulting solution. This will help a lot of people later.

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