Beadboard floor to ceiling??

onedog3catsSeptember 24, 2008

Our basement has ugly dark paneling below chair rail and ugly textured drywall above (looks like they were trying to make it look like plaster??). The basement was the last on our list of rooms to remodel, but thanks to a leak in our basement, it has become our next project. At first we were just going to remove the carpet and replace with tile and leave the walls as is since there is no easy way to remove the texture from the walls, and DH doesn't want to drywall over it. But I figure while we're working down there, we might as well finish it all off...right??

So I was thinking of alternative solutions....what about beadboard?? I know it is usually used for chair rail, and I have seen it go a little higher, but what about the whole entire wall?? Would that look strange? I really think anything would be better than what is there now. Anyone have any pictures??

Thanks in advance!

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I've seen it on several decorating shows. I remember a Designed to Sell show where they did wall to ceiling beadboard in a master bedroom to cover some really bad wall covering (can't remember what now) that they couldn't get off. It looked great. I also remember a Room By Room show where they did a basement and used beadboard. Here is a link to the room below and it gives instructions on putting it up as well. I don't know whether you can put it up over a heavy texture, though, so you might want to find out about that.

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I don't have a picture, but my MIL added a small family room onto her home and did floor to ceiling beadboard. Prior to seeing it, I thought it would look very odd. It's actually very charming, though, and I like the look. I think it might be a good option for you.

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We're doing tongue and groove beadboard walls and ceiling in several rooms. This will be the dining area when we are finished. The trim pieces on between the ceiling and walls are not up in these pics :

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karoloke...Thanks for the link! I'll have to try to find that show about the master bedroom.

zipdee....I love your room! That looks great. And your carpenters are really cute too :o) I'm so jealous of your doors/windows!! I think I really like that look. I hadn't considered it for the ceiling..I just figured I'd live with the popcorn, but that looks really good. Thanks for sharing your pics!! Can't wait to show my DH!

Thank you!!

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We have a small bathroom with floor to ceiling beadboard. When we moved in, the bathroom walls were textured with huge swirls that almost looked like stucco. We just covered it with the beadboard and nice baseboard and trim, and it turned out very well.
Good luck!

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I think it will look very nice. A friend of mine did that in her laundry room and it looks fantastic.

Zipdee, how long were you sheets of bead board for your ceiling? I'm thinking of doing that on my ceiling on my covered porch but it's 14' long and the bb only comes in 8' lenghts. I don't know what to do about the seam. TIA.


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I love floor-to-ceiling beadboard but I do have to caveat it in that I don't think it works well in some circumstances - some house styles just don't play nicely with something as vintage in flavor as beadboard. Lowes has some pretty cool wall panels that looks nothing like that ooky fake wood paneling we all grew up with, they're in the special order section by the beadboard stuff.

Tena - you can do one of two things with your porch ceiling. You can order extra-long beadboard planks and trim through a good lumberyard (I think you can get 16') but I warn you they are a stone beyatch to handle and waaaaay more expensive than standard length. Or, you can simply stagger/interweave the ends of the shorter 8' planks the same way one would with hardwood-floor boards, rather than just having all the planks end in the same spot. That's the way it was done on my 100+ year old porch. If you're planning on painting the beadboard rather than staining it, you can fill the butt joints with an exterior-grade wood putty before painting and they won't even show. Remember to back-prime or back-seal the boards before installing.

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Thanks for the kind comment Onedog3cats. Since we put the beadboard in this room and painted it white, the room looks so much brighter!

Tena, Like Mari was saying we ordered 15' lengths from the lumber mill. This place mills it so it's plank on one side and beadboard ( two beads together ) on the other side tongue and groove pine. Mari is right it is much more expensive, we do a lot of business with this mill because my DH builds log homes so they cut us a huge break, otherwise the cost would have probably been prohibitive for us.

That room is a little over 8' wide so we didn't have to do breaks. The kitchen ceiling is 15' so we didn't have to do breaks in there either. Now the hall ceiling is very long and we did stagger the joints like Mari said, just like if you were going to lay a wood floor.

I snapped pics to show you, but it looks like my DH has misplaced my USB cable for the camera. Once I figure out where he put it I'll upload some of the hallway ceiling pictures for you to see.

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Found the cable .. I hope Onedog3cats doesn't mind if I just post these here.

Tena, Here's part of the hallway ceiling :

As you walk in the front door, standing in the living room :

Looking down the hall :

Other way :

Kitchen ceiling waiting on lighting and cabs :

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Mari and Zipdee thank you much for the information on the differing lenghts of the bb. I will definitely look into that. I originally wanted to do the tongue and groove on the ceiling but the builder who did our porch used 2x4'x instead of 2x6's and we're a little worried that the tongue and groove may be too heavy and make the ceiling sag (I know it all sounds crazy huh). Anyway, I'm still looking into different options.

Zipdee, I really like the way your hallway ceiling turned out. I think bb on anything looks so charming and adds such architectural interest.


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That looks great! Share as many pictures as you want...I don't mind at all!! I think I managed to talk DH into doing the bead board. He's not sure about installing it on the ceiling though...I'll have to keep working on that. He says he really wants a drywall ceiling, but he's not all that excited about sanding off the popcorn. I'm so excited now that I've seen acutal pictures...thanks for sharing them zipdee!!

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Tena, glad to help. Good luck with your porch ceiling :)

Onedog3cats, one thought for your ceiling if you decide to do sheetrock, is instead of painting it plain white, pick a lighter color from your room and put it on the ceiling. I've seen this done a few times with beadboard walls and it looks really neat. Good luck with your project too!

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