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cambriahouseDecember 1, 2013


I am remodelling our kitchen and trying to avoid any receptacles or switches in the backsplash. I have searched the forums here and have found the answer for the receptacles, which is the Sillites. These are 1 3/4" round direct-wire receptacles that I will install in a wood strip above the backsplash.

I have 2 wall switches currently in the backsplash. My question is: does anyone know of a similar direct-wire (no outlet box) switch available that would be roughly the same size as the Sillites receptacles? I would like to place these switches in the wood strip above the backsplash. They don't have to be round but should be 2" or smaller diameter or 2" x 2" square/rectangular or smaller.

Thank you

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Ron Natalie

Not aware of any, of course you can remote switches by putting a low voltage button somewhere convenient and the switch/relay that it controls in a box elsewhere.

The other option is the airswitch. This is commonly used for garbage disposal. A small round button can be mounted just about anywhere. Depressing it sends a puff of air through plastic tubing to a remote mounted box that has a receptacle built in.

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Self-contained devices are used in the manufactured housing industry. Standing to be corrected, I think those are UL listed only for manufactured housing. The ones that I have seen will save very little space over conventional box and device installations. Special tools are almost mandatory for installing the conductors into the slots without damaging the spring tension of the slots.
Several manufacturers supply them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Self-contained

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