CFL Does Not Work in Old Fixture

shw001December 10, 2013

I replaced an R-40 CFL recessed ceiling reflector bulb (23 watts) with the same type of bulb and it does not light. Tried a standard screw-type CFL and it does not work. Tried a 75 watt incandescent and it works. Why doesn't the CFL work??? There is another identical recessed fixture with CFL on the same switch which works fine.

The fixture is a 20-year old, 7 Inch recessed ceiling fixture (23 watt bulb has equivalent light output to 100 watt incandescent).

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It is not stated whether the CFL in question was tested in another lamp socket to verify that it does work in some situations.
Often when lamps do not work in an older fixture, the center bottom contact of the lamp socket has lost tension and is bent away from the lamp. WITH THE POWER OFF, using a finger nail or other tool, gently pull up on the center contact to reposition it. That may result in the fixture working properly for quite a while longer-- or it may not. Replacement of the fixture is the other option.

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Thank much. your answer led me to look a the center contact. I could not see the little tab to bend. It is either flattened or partly broken off, so there was nothing to bend out. Instead, I just screwed the bulb in a bit tighter than usual (but not super tight). So far it works. Probably at some point I will have to replace socket. But OK for now.

Thanks for tip.

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