Dryer wire size

ipenoviceDecember 14, 2009

I am moving my laundry room and was planning on running 10-3/wg wire to the dryer. I was told that since the dryer is going to be just about 50 feet from the main panel, that I should run 8-3 w/g instead. Is this correct? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

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Not neccessary. 30' is not a long distance. 10/3 on 30 amp breaker is fine.

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Agree. With a 50 foot 240V run, you'll experience very little voltage drop. For a standard dryer, bumping to #8 is a waste of money.

Just out of curiosity, where'd you get this advice?

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I got the advise from an electrician that said since I have a high end dryer which draws a bit more than a standard dryer and since the run was going to be 50 feet, I should consider the #8. I am all for saving money, but not where electric is involved. I am adding this run while my walls are all stripped bare for the remodel. Can't change it later without tearing everything up. I am just in the planning stage and want to have all my ducks in a row. If you feel #10 will work with no issues, I will use it. Just want to make sure. thanks for the respone.

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Around 75+ feet you need to go with the next lower gauge of wire. High end dryer or not, if it's rated 30A, then #10 is fine as everyone has already stated. Either your sparky has forgotten his voltage drop distances, or he's trying to use up his extra stove wire instead of buying more dryer wire.

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Thanks bigbird. Your response made me LOL. He probably does have a roll of #8 sitting around. I will be using #10. Thanks to everyone for the responses. This site has never failed to answer one of my questions.

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If he is trying to use up extra #8, ask him if he can supply it for the same price as #10.

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