Making of holiday lighting

huskeDecember 7, 2011

Hi.I am wanting to make holiday lighting,such as a cross for example or a rabbit,with lightbulbs,prolly 60 watter's. I did some of this in high school,but thats been 35 years ago and don't remember it all. I would start by buying "lampholders" and outdoor wire,and pretty much from there,I am sure I would burn the barn down if I wired it like I would. I want to mount this on 2by4's or 2 by 6's and have it so I can "plug" it in to a "recepticle". I live up on a hill and want to mount the project on the side of my barn for all of the passerby's to enjoy.I am assuming I would use 20 or better of the lampholder's. Please and thank you for your expertise. Daryl

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Even if you don't 'burn the barn down', you might encounter difficulties in making the lighting water tight in order to prevent shorting out and being a shock hazard.
Twenty 60 watt lights will be more illumination than you probably need. Also, rain or snow landing on a hot bulb could cause it to break.
I would get one or more strings of outdoor mini-lights and attach them to the barn in the desired outline.

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A Christmas Rabbit?
KEWL !!!!!

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