Where to place CO Detectors

mark_anderson_usDecember 7, 2010

Hi All

Local code requires interconnected, 110v powered, smoke and CO detectors in residences. I'm in middle of rewiring and wondering for best location for CO detectors. I must have one per floor.

I have a 2000 sq ft house and am putting one on the wall below the outside stringer on the stairs.

The stairs make a turn (half landing) 3 risers before end of stairs. Wondering if that's a good location, or better to be in upstairs hallway.

Incidentally, I'm puzzled how combination smoke and CO detectors work. I seem to recall reading that smoke detectors should be placed on, or within 6" of a ceiling and that CO detectors should be at least 15" away from ceiling. So how on earth can I locate on (less than 9" long) that satisfies both requirements?



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"I seem to recall" ---. Every local code I have seen specifies distances for smoke detectors. Check all the codes for your area. The State of NC permits (or did at one time) smoke detectors on sidewalls not more than 12" below the ceiling. But one NC city requires them on the ceiling only and specifies minimum distance from the walls. Don't install by recall- comply with the local code. I gave this same advice to you earlier.

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Ron Natalie

I agree with bus, but barring any local guidance, you could always resort to reading the manufacturer's instructions. The kidde combo unit has three pages of placement information.

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