Fixture Crossbar is it nessary

circuitbreakerDecember 13, 2010

I bought a cheap fixture to replace a broken one (I dropped the glass) and the crossbar does not line up (Well it does but the fixture screws block it from sitting flush) However it will line up and mount with out it so can I mount it directly to the J-Box? I really want to get this project over but I don't want my fixture to fall on me in the middle of the night (It is a standard fixture and the box is plastic)


PS Do I have 90C wiring? It says use only 90C wiring. My place was built around 1994-6 (It was built in stages, A big village of apartment houses)

Thanks again

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The crossbar is only required when the fixture has a different screw spacing than the box.

If the insulation is about 1/16 inch thick it is NOT 90 C.

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Just as a matter of note, most areas allow homeowners to work on their own owner-occupied home's wiring with a permit. If you don't own your apartment, you can't work on the wiring in it; and if you own it but aren't living in it, you can't work on it either.

Changing a light fixture isn't that big a deal. But if I were your landlord I'd tell you that you should call me and I'd have a pro take care of it.

As a property owner, that's in my best interest. You should see some of the hack jobs that my tenants have done (without asking first, of course). :(

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