Chandalier with center down light with separate switch

kellykathDecember 29, 2009

I am looking for a fairly traditional chandalier that has a center down light where there is a separate switch where I can have only the center down light on or have the down light and surrounding arms of the chandalier on as well. As we like to play cards, the center down light makes a great spot. Any pictures or suggestions would be helpful. Thanks

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I simply googled the first portion of your topic "Chandalier with center down light" and got LOTS of results. One from amazon description reads in part:

"This six-light chandelier features a click-turn switch on the center downlight that provides 3 different light levels. The first click turns on the five outer lights for general room lighting. The second click turns off the outer lights and turns on the center downlight for focused task lighting. The third click turns all six on at the same time."

However, the switch they speak of is mounted to the bottom of the fixture itself. It should be easy enought to reach mounted at standard height above the dining room table. I have seen others with same built in switch configuration.

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