wiring through table leg

springwaterDecember 13, 2010

I would like to run an electrical wire up through a yet to be designed work table leg in an upcoming kitchen remodel. I would like an electrical outlet to be located at the top of the table leg so that the box is encased within the leg. There will be about 3 drawers built into the table apron. The decision as to the width of the leg will be dependent not only on aesthetics but most importantly the width needed to run this electrical wire and mount an electrical box. How is this done so it is to code?

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Please clarify what you mean by "table." Is it actually an island or a cabinet (i.e., permanently installed)? I believe a "table" is considered portable, so what you propose is probably not possible code-wise.

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If it's permanently attached to the floor, it is no longer a table, but an island, and REQUIRES an outlet.

Table leg has not been designed yet? Great. You're going to need two pieces of lumber slightly thicker than half the desired thickness of the leg, and a bottle of wood glue.

Carve a groove in one side of each piece of lumber, big enough for a piece of conduit to slide in/out easily. I'm not clear on whether or not the outlet needs to be in the leg itself, but if so, cut out the right size hole for a metal electrical box in one end. Remember you may need to recess the box into the "back" piece for the leg in order to make the conduit hole line up. Glue and clamp.

WITHOUT the electrical hardware installed, do whatever planing/lathing you see fit. Obviously if the leg will be round, that's where the lathe comes in. If it is square/rectangular, and you do not want to see the seams where the two pieces are glued, plane it.

When complete, insert the box and slide the conduit up into it. There should be some sticking out the bottom end long enough to go through the floor and be connected below.

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Sorry, been away from my computer for awhile. I guess I wanted to say it would look like a table but of course, would need to be bolted to the floor if I am wanting to run wiring for an electrical outlet in the leg of the so-called table/island. Pharkus, you idea seems to be workable--thanks for the idea.

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