Safe portable heater in bathroom

tinanDecember 25, 2011


We have forced air central heat but there is no outlet in the bathroom. In fact since we live in CA and have a very well insulated condo, the heat rarely comes on we prefer a cool home. However the bathroom is uncomfortably cold for showers especially the tile floor! I have been thinking of putting a portable heater in there on the opposite side of the room from the shower- perhaps a baseboard type to get the floor warmer - but I am concerned about the safety of using one in a high moisture area, there could always be splashes. We do of course have GFCI outlets in the bath, is that enough protection or do I need to look for special safety features in a heater?

Alternative suggestions would also be welcome. We don't want to invest a lot in this Ie permanent baseboard or in-wall heat) because we really only need the heat for 1-2 months per year and there are lots of HOA restrictions on installations.

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Ron Natalie

Most of the portable electric heaters have reasonable safeties (tip over switches, etc...). I used one of those delongi radiator things for a while.

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Any of the oil filled portable heaters have no exposed heating elements.

You might also consider one of the high wattage heat lamp fixtures for the bathroom ceiling (put it on a mechanical timer like they used to have in may hotel rooms).

They rely on infrared light and intensity to make you feel warm without bothering to heat up the whole room.

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Thanks - I got one of the oil filled radiator type heaters and it is working great, the room is cozy and comfortable now and I only need it on low. It doesn't get hot to the touch which is great because I have pets who like to come close to heat sources, and it doesn't have an exposed grille in case water splashes so I feel pretty safe about it. It is nice to have a warm room to shower in but not have to heat up the whole house, which I prefer cool!

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