240v to 120v for gas range

uajeremyDecember 27, 2012

Hi all,

I'm converting an electric drop-in range to a gas.

The new gas range (Frigidaire Gallery BGGF3042KF) calls for a "dedicated, properly grounded and polarized branch circuit protected by a 15 amp. circuit breaker or time delay fuse."

I currently have an electric range at 240. I've attached a pic of the current wiring for the electric range. 3 wires coming in, black white & bare. 4 wires going out on the right side of the pic to the electric range

Can the current wiring be modified into a receptacle for the new range? Of course, I'll have to change the breaker to a 15 amp.

Thanks for your help!

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White to the neutral bar

Bare to the ground bar

Black to a single 15 amp breaker

Save the double pole breaker in case it ever gets changed back to an electric range.

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Ron Natalie

Concur with hendricus.

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Thanks for the help!!!

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I'll mention that this wire is much larger than that used on a typical 15-amp circuit. This might make it a challenge to fit on a typical 15-amp receptacle.

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I think I would pigtail 14 wire onto the existing wire then drive the pigtails into the back of the box with a screwdriver handle.

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