new 4' led recessed light at hd

jscozzNovember 18, 2011

I have swapped out over 20 6" cans in my house with the CR6 CREE LED fixtures from HD over the last year. I was walking through local store yesterday and see that they now carry a CREE 4" LED fixture (similar to the 6"). I don't even see it on the CREE web site. It is more expensive than the 6" ($35), but I have 4-4" cans that get a lot of use and I have been looking for a good LED bulb that dims without flashing, and fits properly in the 4" can/trim... so I put in a couple of the 4" CREE LEDs and they are great!

Interestingly enough, they are rated at the same light output as the 6" version, but 1 watt lower power consumption. I am wondering if they use a newer generation LED in them... anyone seen them or have any further info?

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You might want to post this question in the Lighting forum.

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Extensive reviews of these on this thread in the lighting forum. The governement testing for Energy Star certification showed the 6" and 4" versions use the same wattage and give the same light output - not sure why it's labelled different on the box except that Cree tends to be conservative in their ratings. I have one and it's excellent, although the same light emanating from a smaller, less deeply recessed area glares more than in the 6" version, and they cost a bit more than the larger version too.

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