hospital wiring

pharkusNovember 14, 2008

Maybe someone can comment on why every hospital I've ever been in seems to have a flaky electrical system. Lights flicker and dim seemingly-randomly, like someone's respirator in a totally different wing has somehow dimmed the whole building. There are clicks and clacks everywhere as if every light fixture has four relays buried in it, and the flourescent lights, even when they're not blinking out, have a constant flicker to them.

I've seen this in three hospitals, and never in any other type of building. :P

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Perhaps they're mental hospitals?

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Another good reason to stay out of hospitals.

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The electrical system is sick, that's why it's in the hospital.

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:-) Groan! Too good of a straight line, Pharkus.

In deference to your alleged sanity, could these have been M*A*S*H units you've been visiting?

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I've never noticed this, but I think if it's the case, it's because there's a lot of florescent, which gives the flicker stuff, and there are lots of lights that can dim so that patients can sleep.

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