Clearance for circuit breaker panel

naturelleNovember 30, 2006

I have been planning for the location of the subpanel for my second floor.

Re the code requirements for clearance, I don't have the Code, only a abbreviated note which says 30x36 inches. I presume that means 30 wide and 36" in front

One location is near a jog in the wall of a bedroom, the corner consisting of a short leg of wall (A) about 21" and the other wall (B) is the full width of the room. There is a door 13" (C) around from the jog.

I'm planning on placing the subpanel around X, say about 6" from the (A) wall. Is that OK? O represents someone standing in front. I can move the panel over more than 6", but prefer not to do so, as I want t keep it as unobtrusive as possible.

Thanks for the help,


Here is a link that might be useful: panel location

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That is fine. The 30" clear space does not have to be centered on the panel.

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Oh good, that helps a lot. So the code allows for havng to work slightly offset to the panel. I was concerned that the jog would count against the clearance, but it really does not get in the way for good access to the panel.

Thanks again, petey racer,


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