LED cost Vs Savings

andrelaplume2November 12, 2013

I figured you guys could answer this. I bought LED color xmas lights over the past few years for our indoor tree...usually on clearance at year's end. Now the wife wants white. Well, the LEDs don't all look like there incandescent brethren. The ones that do cost a fortune...$11 for 50 lights and I need 500.

I started to wonder what the real advantage of the LEDs are? My experience with the color ones are that they don't last any longer than regular ones before they go out.

Am I right in assuming that a strand of 100 incandescent use 40 watts. I can string 5 sets together. That's 500 lights at 200 watts. If my electric is about 10 cents per kilowatt hour (sound right for northeast usa?), Then I use a kilowatt every 5 hours. If lights are on for 10 hours a day...thats 20 cents a day to run them. Or $12 for two months. The LEDS cost maybe 1/5 of that to run or a couple of bucks....but the dog gone lights will cost me $80 more than regular ones...Is my math bad...what am I missing here!!! What's the advantage?

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You're correct. Only buy what you like. The LED's have a high mortality so you'll be replacing more strings as well as spending more per string.

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One consideration is how much cord and circuit capacity is required for large numbers of incandescent lamps. For a given lumens output, the incandescents may require 5 times the amperage input compared to the LEDs.

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yes, that's why I bought them at season end for outside...did not have to worry about blowing fuses and what not....but inside, on a tree...I figure its like running a 200 watt light bulb...I do notice they run hotter than the LEDS...so long as they are safe though...

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