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DaisybzSeptember 13, 2012

I am a newbie. We are buying a house that is 10 years old on an acreage. I'm not sure I am crazy about the color of green in the living room and entry halls. Also, not sure if we do change to a neutral beige or tan -- should we paint the ceiling in the rooms, or leave ceilings as is. Any suggestions? (furniture and decor will be mixed Mediterranean /french country/cozy furniture. Not floral print furniture as shown.) Also thought about glazing the green walls with a Van Dyke type brown. Any thoughts on that? Any and all comments are appreciated. Most room ceilings are white.

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I have/had a similar color in my home. I kept it in my dining area where we get a lot of natural sunlight - there the color's great. I tried it in my living room which has a vaulted ceiling (white) and it sucked the life out, especially at night. I ended up with a color somewhere between Sherwin William Navajo White and Ivoire and kept the white ceiling.

I don't know if I'd try the Van Dyke glazing - thinking it might make it look like a dirty green. Perhaps others can chime in.

Love the light fixture and wall of windows. Pretty view outside.

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I like that green, but if it doesn't do it for you, by all means change it. If you do decide on something different, be sure to "audition" the new color(s) in the actual space. This looks like a room where the available light could really change the look of a color on the wall. When we've done this recently, we start with color chips of anything that looks even remotely possible and just leave them on the walls for consideration. The ones we definitely don't like get picked off the wall until we're down to just a few. At that point, it's time to get actual paint, hopefully sample sizes, and try it out. Be sure to paint samples closer and further from the window in case it makes a difference.

This room may look entirely different when you get your furniture in there. That floral sofa is such an eye catcher that it's hard to "see" the room without it. As far as ceiling color, white is always the standby, but there are other possibilities. Maybe someone will comment on possible moldings for this kind of ceiling which could drive your ceiling color choices.

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THank you. Yes, this room is definitely one that I think will look totally different depending on the wall color and once it is empty. We will only have a couple of days before the painter comes in, but my plan is to buy 5 or 6 of our favorite possibilities and paint some splotches on Friday afternoon and look at them at different times of day and make a decision Monday morning. Like I said - not much time!

Yes, hilltop, you are right - the Van Dyke glazing might end up as a dirty green look.

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I think it would be beautiful in a neutral beige or cream. I would paint the ceiling the same color. Normally, I tend to like a white ceiling, but because of the beautiful shape of the ceiling and the gorgeous wood and windows wall, the three colors (white, green and brown) seem to be fighting for attention. It will be lovely.

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I think you should paint the ceiling the same as the walls. What is this room going to be used for? I assume it is either a den or a formal living room. Will you be replacing the carpet? I think a grey or cream could work or maybe even a fresher green with more yellow in it. A very soft fresh light blue would also be nice. I don't think the sage is doing it either but then I don't love blue sage. Kinda 10 years ago. Beautiful space!!!

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The room is just lovely. The furniture is surprisingly bad.

I don't think I've ever seen one wall panelled before, it's very interesting. I'm tempted to say that the other walls need a lot of visual weight to hold their own. So that might lead me toward a dark color. I'd also like to see a wall of framed prints sort of like in the link below.

That said, it would be helpful to see the furniture you plan. And I think I would prioritize finding a nice persian rug first, which is harder than paint.
I'd also want to switch out the chandy.

Overall, I might lean toward a "library" look.

Here is a link that might be useful: wall of prints example

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thanks for more great ideas. It is a ten year old house that we are buying, and everything in it belongs to the current owner. We have to get lots of new stuff, and are unsure what we will get. It is the "formal living room" - which I wouldn't have even wanted one, had we designed and built a house - but the outdoor beauty of this house and acreage are such a focal point, we will slowly make the house what we want inside. Here is a picture of my favorite room in the house - the "den"!. We will make some changes, but basically leave the cozy lodge feeling. Thanks again!

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The windows are great. I like the brick detail.
Btw, I totally agree with you about acreage and views. Things you can not buy or build after the fact. Congratulations!

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The wood window wall draws your eye right to the outside. I think a cream or dark cream on both the walls and the ceiling will compliment the wood and the view. The white ceiling is distracting to me. It is a very nice room.

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I think adding ceiling beams would help balance out the room. Something like this.

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That would be perfect in that room (beams). Not crazy about the green color at least how it looks on the screen, maybe looks completely different in person. Beautiful room and congrats on your new home.

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Thanks to all! We are excited! I have for sure made up my mind to go with a cream or warm beige on the walls AND the ceiling. THen I'll take it slow and live in the place and decide furniture to buy. I LOVE the beams caminnc!! One of the most beautiful rooms I've seen! I'm afraid we can't do this right now, but I'm going to keep that photo for future dreams!!

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