220 Outlet Inset Into Wall?

OrchidOCDNovember 23, 2011

This is likely a silly question, but of all household 'stuff', I know the least about eletrical wiring, so hoping a kind soul can answer the question...

Is there any reason/requirement for a 220v outlet to be installed as a surface-mount box instead of inset into the wall the way normal 110v/120v outlets are normally installed? The reason I ask is because the 220v outlet for my kitchen range is surface-mounted on the baseboard, which keeps the range pushed out several inches from the wall instead of being as flush to the wall as possible. The supply wire is inside the wall, and seems to have been pulled though a drilled hole in the drywall above the baseboard and then fed into the surface-mount box.

I'm planning on having an electrician in for several other items ( some additional 110/120 outlets and ceiling lights added in a couple of rooms), and if there's no real reason for the surface-mount range outlet other than that the builder chose to do it that way, I'll be adding changing the range outlet to an inset outlet to the wishlist. Is there any reason/code requirement why this should't be done?

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Maybe the outlet can be moved up. Our range is recessed behind the bottom drawer to allow for the outlet and plug.

Also see the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: in wall outlet

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Thank you very much! My range has a recess too, but it doesn't match up with the location of the surface mount outlet. The link you posted was extremely helpful - this is getting added to the electrical wishlist. :-). Thank you again - Happy Thanksgiving!

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Sorry hendricus, but links like that scare the crap out of me. ESPECIALLY from a garbage place like e-how.com

They GREATLY oversimplify things and are VERY often vague on codes.

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Ity can be recessed in thewall, or even teh baseboard.

If it is a 3-wire circuit moving it may invoke the requirement to upgrade to 4-wire.

You may need to work on the cable a little to get enough slack if you want to move it up, but you also need to check the ranges installation instructions.

They may have identified an allowed are for the receptacle.

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