Electric oddity

montysplaceNovember 6, 2010

I attempted to install an LED powered single pole light switch, replacing a similar older standard switch. After replacing the switch and turning the main power back on, the switch did not work, nor would the power in 90% of my home. After troubleshooting the circuits one interesting phenomenon occurs: with the circuits all turned ON, the lights and outlets are only operational when the electric cook-top is turned on in the kitchen! Interestingly enough, the cook-top appears to be installed on its own separate 240 circuit w/ breaker. Any ideas?

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You... well... but... HOW in the . . .


Well the latter part, the whole thing about the range making things work, would seem to indicate one of your incoming HOT conductors from outside is open (not connected). My guess would be that your main breaker went defective when exercised, ie, it did not turn back on properly.

If your main disconnect is fuses, that's a little easier to imagine...

In any case, a call to an electrician is in order. The repair involves mucking around with things that are live even when the main breaker is turned off.

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If mains are on a breaker- you need a new main breaker(95%
likely) call an electrician.
If mains are fuses-you need one of them replaced. Probably call an electrician.

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replacing fuses is easy if you have a pullout block. pull the block out, install new fuses.

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