What electrical wiring repairs are covered by FEMA?

blondelleNovember 8, 2012

It seems to be difficult to find what they will or will not cover. Our basement walls are wood paneling over concrete. The sea water was about 14"-16" and sitting there for days. Concrete is porous and I now have wet concrete and electrical wiring between the wet concrete and wood paneling. It's encased, but still it seems like a hazardous condition. My electrician can't guarantee it won't cause a fire.

Will they pay to repair it if it's a safety issue? I was just told by a FEMA insurance agent they just cover outlets, but I'm not sure what they mean. Aren't they supposed to pay to restore a home to a safe condition.

Is anyone going through the same problem? Any electricians here that have dealt with this or are dealing with these issues now? Any help will be most appreciated.

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You have flood insurance under the National Flood Insurance Program? Typically, that does not cover underground areas at all.

FEMA does not have insurance agents. Insurance agents with other companies administer the NFIP. If you are in a Sandy-affected area, I suggest that you find a workshop to attend in your area. I hope that they are scheduling them nearby.

The NFIP program and claims can be very confusing. Go to this web site and see if there if a FEMA DRC has been set up near you.

Any electrical equipment that has been in seawater will need to be replaced, cables and outlets. I don't see why you are not removing the paneling now. It is ruined and will start to mold.

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I agree with ionized.
This is likely not a FEMA issue. Only flood insurance would cover this relatively minor damage (in the scope of things). You DO have flood insurance, don't you?

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