Colors in our old house

bronwynsmomSeptember 26, 2012

Judithn asked, and a couple of others did, too...I could have sworn I answered the question, but have no idea in which thread! So I thought I'd post them.

The library wall color is actually a fawn color, though apparently it read a little green for some of was Spiderweb by Martin Senour, and the ceiling, also MS, is Peach Tulle. Both are still listed on their color chart. The library and kitchen cabinetry, the paneling, the ceiling in the living room, and the trim in the whole house were Fuller O'Brien's Bleached Ivory, which I've been unable to find for years now.

The small dining room was many colors over the years - Spiderweb, and B. Moore's Winthrop Peach, and #30- from Donald Kaufman, which is a lovely yellow, and finally the color in the photo, which I think was B. Moore Audubon Russet, but I'm not at all sure. The ceiling was Peach Tulle there, too, though it looks a little violet in the photo.

The macrame look on the dining room chairs was courtesy of the little furball you see there.

There. Enough about that! I've posted these photos ad nauseum, so thank you for your indulgence.

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Oh, how I love your rooms!

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I fell in love with those sheers with the white paneling when you were posting a couple of years ago. Just beautiful! I'd love to replace our current FR paneling with the type you had.

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Lori A. Sawaya

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

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Annie Deighnaugh

So gorgeous!

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Now you've made me homesick all over again! But thank you very much.

awm, those sheers were very simple...they were made from a barely off-white sheer fabric that had a 14" hem-stitched hem already built in along one edge - they were designed to be railroaded, so they were more than double wide. You could have run one panel all the way across the house, if you wanted to...

All that had to be done was to cut the widths, whipstitch the cut sides, and hem the tops, which I did as simple rod pockets on old-fashioned white rods that turned back to the wall. (I hasten to add that the shop did the work - not I!) I also had weights added to the hems, so that they'd hang nicely, but when the windows were open on a lovely day, they could still billow into the room.

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Adore that library!

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Hey, I've never seen those photos before! Terrific. Are they professional photos? The lighting looks so lovely. I cannot get any decent interior shots.

The seating area by the fpl is perfect.

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What a beautiful home you had. You did a fantastic job decorating it. Makes me homesick too and it's not even my house!

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We did, too. The window seats were hinged. One was lined with cedar, for lap blankets and a couple of floor pillows for visiting little people. The other held the transformer that supplied the low-voltage lighting strips behind the fascia boards, and some games.

Behind two of the doors in the first picture were file drawers for all the household and garden documentation and files. Between the windows was a tall cabinet for the big old fashioned TV on a slide-swivel and the other AV things, and below, drawers fitted for CDs, cassettes, VCR tapes and records. All completely obsolete by now!

And the cabinet you see to the right of the fireplace had a false door on the front, opened instead from the end, and held a wine rack. The rest of the lower cabinets held all the family photos, more games, and I forget what else.

The lamps on either side of the fireplace were wall mounted swing-arms inside the cabinet, with the wires through grommets to the plugs underneath. The light over the portrait plugged into a clock outlet countersunk into the drywall and operated by a wall switch. The HVAC registers were in the floor under the windows, so we had them ducted out through the toe kick base before the cabinets went on.

As you can guess, I obsessed over every detail, and had a ball doing it.

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your home is BEAUTIFUL.. love looking at the pictures!

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Gorgeous -- so elegant and charming! :) You did a wonderful job on all of the details!

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