Best way to re-paint a Maine Cottage coffee table?

NewEnglandSaraSeptember 10, 2012

Hi there,

After months of searching for a coffee table, I was able to find a really pretty one by Maine Cottage for $75 on Craig's List! Unfortunately, the table's color completely clashes with our decor. We need to repaint it, but we don't have a huge budget for the project. My husband can brush paint it, but the table was originally factory sprayed. We don't own a paint sprayer, and I know that they are pricey. Any suggestions on how to create a nice look for the table with a second painting?

Thanks so much!


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Yes, buy paint primer in a spray can and then buy spray cans of the color you want and spray away. Watch a Utube of spray painting correctly so you'll have a perfect finish. I've done this to all types of furniture very successfully. Good luck.

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Check around and see if you can't rent a paint sprayer for a weekend or a couple of days. A lot of Home Depots rent tools, and there are usually local places that rent them as well.

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