Size of coffee/cocktail table

christine25September 29, 2012

I am looking for advice as to appropriate size of coffee/cocktail for my family room based on room size, furniture size and layout. The current table in the pictures is 42" square. We have the two leather sofas in an "L" formation at 90 degrees, and each sofa is 100" wide x 46" d. Therefore, the corner between the two sofas is 46" w and deep.

The television is on the wall directly parallel to one of the sofas, and the two-story fireplace is in the corner, and thus the room is not exactly square.

I think we are leaning toward a lucite table, perhaps with a small decorative rug underneath (cow hide?), with larger area rug around the perimeter, somewhere between 13"-19" off the wall, depending on width of broadloom. Perhaps some sort of jute or sisal, but worry about scratchiness underfoot.

As for other seating, open to suggestions as well. Have considered narrow console under tv with one or two benches held under to be pulled out for additional seating. We will remove the PB Malabar chairs as they do not work in the space at all. Or, depending on cocktail table, perhaps two chairs with open(isn) backs pulled out from wall, or even one chair to the left of fireplace, perhaps swivel.

Just giving you all ideas that are floating around my head, but the important question of the day is:


Thank you all in advance for your help. And FYI, the sofas are not RH Maxwell, but rather custom made/sized from CascoBay Furniture. Could not be happier with them, and the Brompton Cocoa leather they are made with is an exact replica of the more expensive options from RH. All who have seen them since they arrived in April think we got them from Restoration Hardware.

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I think it all depends on how you'll be using the table. My LR furniture flanks the coffee table on 3 sides, but I have it centered in front of the sofa, and it's scooted closer to the sofa than what your table is in the picture.

Since you have an end table, both sofas don't have to have access to the table. I would get a rectangle table (not a narrow one) so you can have more foot traffic where the chairs are. Then center the table in front of the sofa which is used the most.

Nice room! Love the light in there.

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It's generally recommended that the distance between the sofa and coffee table be 14" to 18". Based on that measurement you will see how much space you have for a coffee table and could have a larger table than you now have.

Your furniture is large and the room appears large so a larger table will be more in scale.

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