Need help with Green Paint for Living Room, Kitchen, Dining Room

karenlynnSeptember 24, 2011

I really need help with a green that will be in my Living room, kitchen/Dining area. I was planning on the same colors in each room but not for sure. The living room is large with cathedral ceiling but has some dark areas. The kitchen area gets more light.

I want something that is not bright, nor too dark. I have sampled SW Softened Green (seems a little blue & little dark), SW Recycled Glass (too bright) & Lowe's Tawny Green. Of the three, Tawny Green is better but a little yellowish. I like a little sage but not too much.

I have been reading here about all the favorite greens but when I look at them on the paint chip card I'm not sure. I was considering SW Svelte Sage, Grassland, Ancient Marble, Liveable Green, Filmy Green. Can anyone tell me if any of these look bluish, too yellow or any other color recommendations? I am trying to buy my sammples before the SW Paint sale is over this weekend. (And I still have to decide on 2 bedrooms & bath :-) Thanks for any help,


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From what you're saying I think the colors from 6175 Sagey to 6181 Secret Garden are for you. However, I wouldn't do all 3 rooms in the same value...I would do the DR/kitchen in Artichoke & the Softened Green in the LR. Artichoke is one of my all-time faves.


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I love behr ryegrass it is soft and sometimes looks like it might have blue under tones and other times I can see yellow undertones but overall i think it is a soft green color. I used it, but had it mixed in BM, in my kitchen. I think you can get a sample from HD and than have it mixed in SW if you like it.

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Jeana, I do like the Softened Green but it looks a little bluish which I'm trying to stay away from. It may not be, maybe the sample against the other colors I've painted on the wall is throwing me off. It also may be a little dark for me & I'm thinking the next one on the card, Liveable Green, I just not sure if it has any blue. I could also do a different color green for the kitchen/dining area. The kitchen doesn't have a lot of wall space, just above & side of the cabinets which are a maple color. I have a backsplash tile is warm brown, little gray & off white color. the same for counter top & floor. The dining area is small but more wall space & lots light. Thanks

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We had BM Nantucket gray in our previous kitchen and dining room and I loved it. It didn't look that green on the paint chip but once it was up on the walls the green really comes through.

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I have SW Clarey Sage in my family room which has cathedral ceilings. It looks different on different walls and at different times of the day. It is hard to capture in pictures, but I really love it. It is a very neutral and easy to live with green.

In the pictures below, it is on the TV wall and on the wall with the hutch--the other wall shown is basket beige. From house From house

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I have SW Grassland in my kitchen and breakfast room. I would describe it as an earthy green. It goes well with all the medium wood tones I've got going on in these rooms.

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I used Restoration Hardware's Sycamore Green in my bedroom.

Here is a link that might be useful: RH Sycamore Green

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Thanks for all the help, but I am still not finding the right color & stressing out. It's been raining & gloomy the past few days & I guess it's better I see the colors in those conditions since the living room is large & has a straw color(yellow) right now & the room can still look dark & I don't like how dark effects my mood. I also found that SW doesn't color match very well. I like the grassland but it got grayer thru the day. Sometimes it looks all gray.
What does it mean when I read here a color at %, I've seen this on some threads like 50 or 75%. Also has anyone ever mixed color samples together & color matched that? Thanks for help,

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Keep in mind that the color will look different if it is sampled on a painted wall.

You should be able to mix colors and have it color matched--although depending on the skill of the salesperson, the match may not be perfect.

We have done colors at 50%--I think that also depends on the salesperson as to how they do it. For us, we had SW softer tan mixed at 50% and it was just lighter than the original shade.

I had sooooo many paint samples up--I did large portions of the wall in the samples--but having the samples side by side and doing them on top of our existing yellow walls really affected how the color looked and made it hard to judge how the end result would look.

I ended up picking my favorite and painting as much of the wall as the sample allowed to get the best idea of how it would look.

The svelte sage and grassland were definitely way too gray in my house.

If you do a search, there have been other posts on greens--I know it was helpful when I was trying pick a green. I think I even had a thread and someone suggested a nice Behr color or maybe a lowe's color--it didn't work in my space as I needed to coordinate it with a tan adjoining wall--but it was nice--I just can't remember the color.

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The color I was thinking of was Behr caraway--although the behr ryegrass looks good.

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I used SW Harmonic Tan in my old house. It looks quite tan on their website, but was a soft muted green in real life. I loved the color!! It's one of those colors you definitely need to put on your wall and see how light affects it, as I found it looked different in each room. I paired it with Netsuke on the ceiling...on the same paint strip, but lighter.

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I'm going to try posting some pics that might help. The color that is on the wall now I call a soft yellow color & I always loved it & found the color several years ago by reading these forums. It has "Straw" in the name & was color matched at SW. But when I looked at the chip in the store it looked NOTHING like a yellow. Maybe that is what I need something that looks nothing like green until it is on the wall. I feel I need something with green since I bought the leather furniture & I also have a green recliner(my husband won't let go of). I just don't want dark or bright. The colors I tried seem dark & I'm afraid they will be darker when all painted & some look bluish. They look even bluer than they really are in the pics so I don't know how much this will help.

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Just from what I can see in the pictures, I like the long tall skinny sample.

I would suggest priming a large area (white) of you wall that you can put your samples on to get a better idea of color. The sample with the yellow background might make it hard to judge.

Or put your samples are larger sample boards. You can get good size boards at Target where the posterboard stuff if for under $3. each. I think they are called foam boards. You can even reuse them if you need to depending on how many paint samples you get.

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