breaker panels: 200A 30/40 vs 40/40

dgeistNovember 27, 2011

I'm looking at two panels from the same company (one of the big ones) and they make two nearly identical panels (200A, convertible main, same neutral and ground layout, bus, etc.).

One is 30 slots with 40 circuits and the other is 40/40. The former is a little cheaper and comes in some useful package kits, and I don't have to mail order it, but the latter has the full 40 spaces.

The question is really this: is there a situation where it would be advantageous to have the 30/40 vs the 40/40 (aside from a tight space). Are there any breaker styles that only fit in the double-gang slots (they would be QO-type, BTW).



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Ron Natalie

If cost and space are not an issue, the 40/40 is the way to go.

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On the financial issue, it is possible likely that the 30/40 panel equipped with breakers for the 40 circuits could cost more total than will the 40/40 with breakers for 40 circuits. I have not done the calculations. The tandem breakers are higher cost. And I find higher failure rates of the tandem breakers.

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Darrel, I was FAR from rude or snippy. You're just over sensitive because I called you out on your advertising.

I don't know where you or the OP are shopping, but a 40/40 200A main breaker panel is milk and butter in pretty much every area I can think of. It is HARDLY a "special order" item. And in many places it is the same or even sometimes less for them as opposed to a 30/40 because they sell so many more 40/40's.

Maybe you are talking about a home center? Even though many folks think if a home center doesn't stock something it is rare. That is not even remotely the case.
My local supply houses have piles of 40/40 panels in many varieties.

And thank you Dennis.

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I found the 40/40 QO panel at a Lowes across town (normally carried, but no stock elsewhere). I think I'll be happy with the space and the price wasn't much more than the "combo deals" elsewhere. Thanks for the comments.


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