MinkaAire Ceiling Fan Stopped Working

wizbangNovember 24, 2009

I have a MinkaAire ConceptII ceiling fan. It is on a remote, has a light and fan. I was lying in bed with the fan portion on, and it stopped working. I got up, and tried to turn the fan on, and the light. Nothing...no hum or anything.

There is no way to run the unit other than remote. It has no chains etc. I changed the batteries in the remote, still nothing. The circuit breaker in the basement hasnt been tripped, and the junction box is still hot. I tried to bypass the remote part in the fan and wire directly to the box...fan and light still wont work.

What can anyone tell me? This thing is a 350 dollar fan (bought online from a reseller, no warranty). Should I order new guts for it? Is it the capacitor?

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Well I'm tired of seeing this at the top so... About all I can tell you based on the information provided is that there is almost no probability that a defective capacitor would cause the light to fail, and that something is wrong someplace. You say "tried to bypass the remote part in the fan"- which doesn't give me a great deal of confidence in your aptitude/ability. I would have a great deal more confidence if you had posted "I bypassed the remote control and..." or similar.

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