Bathroom Fan Wiring Help

mjs370November 29, 2012

I am trying to figure out how to properly wire a brand new GFCI outlet to a Panasonic Fan / Light / Night Light combo and have them controlled by a Levitron three switch (one wallbox with three switches).

So far I have installed the 20 amp circuit in the electrical panel and connected to the GFCI line feed using Romex 12-2 wire.

I have run a Romex 12-2 wire from the gfci load feed that can go to either the fan itself or the switch. Not sure where it should go.

The fan junction box calls for the following connections:
Live to Black (night light)
Neutral to White
Live to black (regular light)
Neutral to white
Live to black (vent fan)

The switch has 5 total screws:
1 Ground
1 Common Line
3 side wire terminals.

I plan on using Romex 12-2 wire for all connections.

If somebody understands what I have above and can tell me where to connect the wires from the GFCI load feed and what connections need to be made between the fan and switch that would be great.

Thanks in advance.

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Load feed goes to the common on the switch. White with the load feed keeps going to the whites of the combo. Black or red from the side terminals to the respective black connections in the fan junction box. All grounds get tied together.

You need a four wire with ground between the switch and fan. If you are going to use all -2 wire use 14-2 otherwise you'll never get the switch in the box.

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From the load side of the GFCI to the switch - hot (black) wire to the common. From the switch, the three 12/2 cables going out. Black wire connected to each of the three screws. Connect the white (neutral) coming in from the GFCI to the three neutrals going up to the fixture. Label everything so you don't get confused up at the fixture. Make up your connections at the fixture. Ground wires need to be connected in each box and to the devices/fixtures.

You need to consider box fill with that many cables you'll need somewhere around a 23 sq. in. box. That rules out any kind of rectangular "switch" box. You'll need to use a deep 4" square box and a mud ring.

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