how many amps for electric ovens?

DualvansMommyNovember 13, 2012

currently i have single gas wall oven along with gas cooktop, and for my kitchen renovation i really want to convert the gas wall oven to electric oven.

i'm told to do that, the house needs to have 220 minimum? and my electrical panal is running on 200 amps for the whole household.

in my further research, it seems 200 amps IS ENOUGH to run all the typical applciances, including a eletric oven.

could anyone confirm that? 200 or 220/more?


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my bad....

im so sleep deprived now...

i meant to say i have 110 electrial circuit panel...

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I think proper terminology is the problem with your question. Volts and amps are two completely different things. Electric ovens are 240(volts) not amps. Amps will differ with each appliance but 50 amps at 240 volts is not uncommon for a free standing range. Wall ovens can be and usually are less because they have no cook top.

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You're confusing volts and amps. Your electrical service is 240 volts, 200 amps (amps are based on what you said). 200 amp service is pretty common but it is impossible for us to definitely say that it is "enough" for your particular situation. Some questions that might help are: How big is your home, what kind of heat and hot water, how many air conditioners, anything else that uses a lot of electricity - hot tub, induction range, etc.?

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And the appliance itself will call out the minimum size circuit it requires in the installation manual.

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