Replacement parts? Crouse Hinds 400A panel

gm_sNovember 8, 2010

Hi All,

I had the main 200A breaker to the house go south on me last weekend. Corroded, heated up, lights flickering, the whole 9 yards. After removing the main breaker, and filing away at the panel's mating blade connector to clean up some bits it left behind, I'm not too happy with its condition.

Looks like the whole mating breaker sub assembly is replaceable by just popping the existing breakers off and removing a half dozen bolts holding the conductor rails into the panel. Anyone know of a supplier of repair parts or used panels I can cannibalize?


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grandpa had a 4 space hinds outdoor subpanel. junked it and replaced with qo. corroded after about 18 yearsin service.

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I'd suggest a completely new panel. Changing it isn't really a DIY job, nor is replacing the "guts." The labor will be much more than the parts, so you might as well go for a complete good quality panel.

Despite what some of the younger folks will try to tell you here :) the brand is not all that important. Cutler-Hammer, Square D, Siemens, and GE all make good panels. Try to get one with a copper bus. Beyond that, your installer will probably have a favorite brand that he's used to working with.

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A replacement part is liable to cost nearly as much as a new panel (let alone the labor).

If you use what is popular in your area breakers will be cheaper and easy to find.

Pick an unpopular brand and you will be searching and paying extra.

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Ron Natalie

Yep, the main breaker will be pricey since separate 200/400A breakers aren't exactly a commodity item like the smaller ones are and since Crouse is not a brand you'll typically find at home stores and you'll pay nearly double walking in off the street at an electrical supply house than what they charge the trade customers.

I agree with Brick... it may be cost effective to replace it with a panel you can get breakers for easily in your location.

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Thanks for all the advice, everyone - to get up and running I went ahead anyway and popped in an equivalent Murray 200A main breaker - $160, but it kept the freezer from defrosting while I planned my next move... I was lucky in that there's a large breaker warehouse near where I work.

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