Attaching bulb sockets to lamp cords

amav31November 22, 2009

I want to light up the interior of a big cabinet with just one light. The plan is to drill a hole on the top center, slide a wire(so as to drill a small hole) from the top and then put a socket from the inside. I want a bulb that is just bright enough to light up my 36inch wide cabinet.My questions are regarding the bulbs and their wattage.4 watts is too weak.

1.What base socket should I use to attach it to the cord.

2.Does it matter what cord I buy.?If I want to use a 20watt bulb should I buy a special cord? I am thinking of buying the lamp cord set from Lowes and then buy a socket and a bulb separately.

3.Is it easy to attach the socket to the cord.? I have zero knowledge about wiring or anything electrical.

4.Should I buy c7 or c9 bulbs.Are there any other sockets that can hold other energy efficient bulbs.

I considered many options from string lights to undercabinet puck lights but I finally settled on this otption. This way I can hide the wires.

Thanks in advance for any help and input.

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have you looked at the "puck" led lights at lowes ? They give excellent accent light output and provide a low profile.

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I have zero knowledge about wiring or anything electrical.

Then you might want to find a friend who has more electrical experience or hire an electrician.

I'd think rather than trying to rig something up, you'd be better off buying a pre-assembled, plug-in type fixture that will give you the light you want. As rewire suggested, the "puck" type lights are a good choice and commonly available.

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Based on your lack of wiring knowledge and what you described, I can see many ways for this installation to not comply with code, and pose a shock or fire hazard as well. I'm not trying to be insulting or sound superior. I am just trying to keep you safe. Please get some help on this from a knowledgeable friend or an electrician.

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