Running new electric line from pedestal to house

lifeshighpointsNovember 12, 2013

We are hooking up electric to a formerly solar cabin. All the wiring and electrical panel is there in the house. The local power company installs a pedestal then we must run power from that pedestal underground and into the house and connect to the main panel. What size conduit and what size wires do we need to get?

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the utility doesn't do the splice?


4" sch 80

seu sized for svc

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If this is the standard practice of that utility, there are no doubt companies in your area that offer that specific service. I suggest using one of them.

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"... What size conduit and what size wires do we need to get?"

What's the amperage of the main breaker or fuse that supplies the whole cabin?

If six or less breakers are used instead of a main, you need to do a load calculation. Or you may get by with finding out how much the utility is going to supply.

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