40 amp dipole breaker

wxtrenderNovember 13, 2013

Should this breaker be made up of double 20 amp breaker where it says 20 on each side. Or should it be a double 40 amp breaker which has a 40 on each.

The reason I ask is on the homedepot web site when you search a Siemens 40 amp dipole breaker it shows a picture of a double breaker but on each half you can see the number 20 in the plastic body. Wrong picture is my guess...

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Wrong picture for sure. The rated amperage is the number on the breaker. Single pole is 120 volts, double pole is 240 volts.

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Ron Natalie

If it's the picture I found, the picture is right. The 20 he is seeing isn't 20 but the word "ON" printed vertically above the handle. As BUS says, the actual rating is printed on the handle itself (which you can't see given the lighting in that photo).

This reminds me of the Scene in Zorro the Gay Blade:

You recognized that famous sign? (having slashed a Z on the tree with his sword).
Si senior, It is a Two.

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