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ylmzmNovember 14, 2013

I need to put a subpanel on the external wall of the house (far end of the house) for feeding many outdoor receptacle circuits for the backyard.

I will initially use it for six 20 Amp circuits. These circuits are very unlikely to be used all at once. I will probably need couple of more circuits in the future.

I think all I need is a 60 Amp rated panel, but I need a lot of circuit spaces. I cannot find a low Amp rated panel with many spaces. It looks like I need to buy a 125 Amp rated one to be able to get a lot of circuit spaces. This is all fine, but the question is the following:

The subpanel will be driven by a 60 Amp double pole breaker. Can I use #6 wires to a 125 Amp rated panel in this case?

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Ron Natalie

As long as the panel is rated as big or larger than the feeder, it is OK. You can treat the 125A panel as if it were a 60A one.

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If the receptacles will not be used at the same time, why do you think they all need to be on dedicated circuits? How big are the connected loads going to be?

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