Using a secondary phone line jack on main line

rusty_2010_gardenerNovember 16, 2010

I need your assistance. I have 2 phone lines, main line number has a jack in the kitchen and another jack in the master bedroom. The second line (different number) has a jack in the office room. I want to eliminate the second line and use the office jack as one more jack on the main line. The office jack wire has 4 strands red-green-yellow-black and is connected in the attic to an 8 strand phone wire as follows: orange, white with orange, brown and white with brown wires are not in use, but the other four strands are from green to yellow, from white with blue to green, from white with green to black and from blue to red.

At the end of each pair of strands there are four plastic tabs covering each pair of strands. What strands have to be switched so that I would be able to use the office jack as the main number. Would I have to change the wires at the NID, if so please indicate how. This NID is an old one, does not have any modules to allow for phone testing and the wires are connected at the NID as follows:





Please indicate which set of wires belong to LINE 2.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

Mario Fernandez

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If all the wires are connected in the office jack you have both lines there. Red/green is one line and Yellow/black is the other.

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As hendricus says, you should have both at the office jack. Plug a phone in there and see what happens. Sometimes, all 4 connections are in place but only 1 line is active. A telephone with a line 1 and line 2 button would confirm that. You could also disconnect the 4 wires and where the black and yellow wires were, connect the red and green. If you do this and you get dial tone but can't dial out, switch the red and green wire connections.

Did the telco do the inside wiring? Somewhere along the line someone spliced twisted pairs into station wire. Coming from the telco service you should have 4 incoming, green, black, yellow. The red and green are line 1, the black and yellow are line 2. Another approach would be...At the incoming service terminal, make note of what colors from the house wiring are going to the incoming telco service wires. Disconnect the lead where the incoming black lead is and connect it to the terminal where the incoming green is. Then disconnect the lead where the incoming yellow wire is and connect it to where the incoming red wire is. You can leave the incoming black and yellow wire connected to their existing terminals with nothing connected to them.

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