Cables from center of room to TV / Pojector on wall

glaswegianNovember 24, 2012

Hi guys,

Questions regarding picture #5 in the link below

We are just finishing off our basement right now, and getting close to the closing off the walls. I am looking to mount a projector and screen

Can you guys recommend a decent not too expensive 1080p projector that will be ceiling mounted please, along with a screen (not sure about motorised, since it will need its own power) about 100 -110"

I am having a conduit run from ceiling to entertainment console. Apart from HDMI cable, what other cables do I need to get?


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While there are a couple other Garden Web forums that may be "technically" a better area to post this, but unfortunately have not been very active lately, but I also post on those as well.

To answer your questions, you first have to measure the distance from your screen to the anticipated projector ceiling mount.

From there, you can then calculate what the throw ratio the video projector has to be able to display it for 110". For a 16:9 110" screen it will usually be 11-15 feet. The screen would be about 96" wide and 56" high. Looking at your pics there may be some issues with distance, height, and obstructions. You can search on the internet to find calculators, and even Best Buy even has one.

I'd highly recommend a fixed screen as opposed to a drop-down due to possible basement moisture associated problems. The roll-up screens can buckle from moisture.

The cables are going to be whatever signal sources you are planning to send up there. If there is an unobstructed path though the ceiling, don't use conduit - just feed the cables through the ceiling. If not, use at least 2 inch conduit to facilitate any future video cable pulls. Remember HDMI connectors DO NOT fit through 3/4 inch conduit!

Also, the projector is only a display device and any audio/network/HDMI audio return feeds are all separate and are done within your equipment rack/area.

Epson and Optoma are currently very popular choices for video projectors. Mitsubishi, JVC, and Panasonic have also been popular over the years. Sanyo, now owned by Panasonic, is still sold as a system integrator choice for commercial installations.

Another thing to bear in mind is that DLP projectors should ALWAYS be on a UPS power supply should there be disruption of power. The cooling fan has to bring the DLP lamp temperature down slowly to prevent lamp failure. The lamps often can cost between $100-200 for the lamp alone.

Are you sure you need a screen that big or maybe a large LCD flat panel may just meet your needs?

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glaswegian are right, the ceiling is pretty low and I might run into obstruction. I might just be better off getting a bigger screen and have it on a swivel, along with a soundbar

Being military, I'll have to move in 2-3yrs anyway, so may be I should wait till I get to mt final home.


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