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tomdxNovember 10, 2012

My (7250/8250) generator has 4 outlets. Two GFI's, 1 L5-30R, 1 L14-30R. During the recent storm I used the GFI outlets and everything worked fine... but I've been told I should use one of the 'L' outlets to properly balance the load.

So I have a couple of questions...

- What's the difference between the two?

- Which one should I get a cord for?

(I'd be connecting to regular 12g extension cords)

- Are the outlets mutually exclusive?

(ie, if I use the L-14 is the GFI or LS available for use)



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Ron Natalie

The GFIs as well as the L5-30R are all hooked to the same side of the generator. There's nothing that you will accomplish plugging things in there that will get you more than the aggregate 30A the main breaker will allow.

The L14-30R will allow you to put ~30A 120V loads on both 120 legs of the generator getting closer t he rated power of the generator.

You can use all the receptacles together. The 120V receptacles are protected by their respective push button circuit breakers and then they run into one side of the main 30A breaker.

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