Gen Transfer Panel Feed Line Length

obadranNovember 5, 2012

Yet another generator related question, thanks to Sandy.

I bought a 5500 watt (6850 peak) generator. I'm looking to add in a transfer panel. I want to keep the generator in the garage, but roll it out on to the drive way to run it. The problem is that the breaker panel is on the other side of the house.

Once solution I'm looking at is having the inlet receptacle at the garage and run a feeder all the way to the breaker panel. The problem is that I will need to snake this feeder through the attic to get to the panel which is at least a 75ft run. Running the numbers, I will have to run at least a #8 or even a #6 line to keep the voltage drop down. With this generator, I know I'll never hit 30amps, not even at surge, but I want to do the calculations against 30 amps to have room to grow.

The question is how to connect the inlet receptacle to a #8 or #6 line when the terminals on a L14-30 take #10? Do I need another junction box with a terminal block in it and run a short length of #10 between the terminal block and the receptacle. I know there are rules regarding different sized wire in a single run.

Also, I have to check to see if the transfer panel will accept a larger gauge wire.

Any ideas, suggestions?



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Are you sure the terminals on the socket only takes up to #10?

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I just found out from another post and looked up the specs on the L14-30 and it will take a #14-#8 wire.

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