question about roman shades

busybee3September 26, 2012

i am changing out our current window treatments in the kitchen and have decided to install roman shades. their purpose is mainly decorative and for light control---i don't have alot of privacy issues.

my dilemma is how to handle the double french doors. i currently have woven wood valances only- at the time when we installed our woven woods, i decided i didn't want the added weight flopping about on a heavily used door. but, i would like more light control now since it is a southern facing door.

i am debating whether to have romans made that are only somewhere between 24-36" long for the doors (their windows are 64" l)so that only the worst light is blocked and less bulk is piled at the top the majority of the time, or just ordering 64" length and very rarely letting them all the way down... opinions???

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I often make shades that are only as long as I need them to be, for that very reason...too much bulk at the top of things.

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Personally, it would go against my grain to use a shade that couldn't cover the entire window. Would you consider a cornice made with the roman shade fabric and a cellular shade under it?

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hmmm... it does go against my grain too- that's why i'm hesitating. but, after having just a 9" valance since we've been in the house, i think i'm ready for a bit more on the doors all the time... (i picture having 12-15" of shade down all the time...) hadn't thought about cornices/shades- i'll have to figure out how much clearance i have-might not be an option...
glad to hear you've done it browynsmom!! it would be the same look then as my other kitchen windows which appeals to me... i have alittle more thinking to do...

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I just went through the same thing. I was going to use the roman shades on my french door. I ended up using drapes on a rod and it turned out nice, the other rooms have bamboo woven roman shades.

Now I need to figure out what to put on the walls.

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