How to insulate around electrical line entering?

pbx2_gwNovember 18, 2013

Just got some garage light fixtures put on our unfinished garage.

The backing plates cover the pretty well the holes on the exterior side.

However, I'd like to insulate & cover the back side hole where the electrical line comes into the unfinished garage walls & studs.

A few board members recommended - plumber's putty on another entry point before here (outside receptacle) over foam.
I've also read silicone caulk - but I think this is too big of a opening to use caulk on.


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Ron Natalie

By insulate I assume you mean 'thermal" not "electrical" insulation. They actually make a firestop putty (looks for all the world like modeling clay) that you can use. I don't see any problem with judicious use of "Great Stuff" either.

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Do you have photos?

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Pics would be good. What do you mean by unfinished? Is there no insulation? Are studs visible on the inside or does drywall or other material cover the cavities?

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Studs are visible.

Something - not as big obviously - as the 1st picture on left here:

Here is a link that might be useful: Sealing gaps around electrical wiring

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Ron Natalie

Like I said, expanding foam would be fine, just try to keep it so it doesn't flow into the box itself and make a mess there.

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