3 Way Light Wiring 12-3 or 14-3

patssfanNovember 28, 2010


I have a pretty simple question. I am running 12 recessed lights using a 3 way switch configuration on a 15a circuit. I have 14-2 coming in. I have then roughed a 14-3 traveler to the second 3-way switch where I will then run 14-2 out to the lights (15A) in series. The wattage of the lights based on 65W bulbs will total 720w and require a special dimmer (900W capability). The wattage rating on the 14-3 cable states 600W. My question is, have I exceeded the wattage capability of the 14-3 traveler wire, and do I need to use a 12-3 wire carrier between switches for this setup or is my thinking incorrect and is the 14-3 fine.

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Above post, I misread the sheathing. 600V instead of W. I guessing things are fine with the application.

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That's not the wattage rating. It's the voltage. 600V. If you are using 14/3 for the switching you might as well use #14 for all the wiring. It is good for 1800w (nominally).

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And your lights will be in parallel, not series.

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Ron Natalie

And it's not the conductor that is rated at 600V, it's the insulation

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