Snake just a hot to a "slave" light switch

psujoeNovember 21, 2012

The outside light switch is only ON when the basement light switch is also ON.

I'd like to use the outside light switch for a motion light, but the control rests with the basement light switch.

SO>>>.. can I SNAKE JUST a hot wire from a legit box to the outside light switch and thereby avoid the controlling baselight light switch ? I can install a 3 wire line, but so much simplier if I need only to SNAKE a hot

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A single wire requires the protection of a cable jacket or conduit (of one of the many types available).

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Ron Natalie

Further, the rules also require all the conductors of a circuit to be run together (in the same sheath or conduit). There are certain exceptions for some equipment ground retrofits, but you certainly can't have the grounded (i.e., neutral) running separate from hot.

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Running a single conductor in a metallic conduit results in induction heating, wasteful of electricity and potentially very dangerous.

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