revisiting... what should I do with these windows!

tinker_2006September 12, 2012

sorry - I know I have a lot of pots cooking on the stove! We bought this house 1-1/2 years ago, and have been restoring it non-stop. We finally moved in 8 months ago, and I'm really just starting to feel like it is coming together!

Beautiful, bay front view. I had first thought NOT to put any blinds or curtains up at all - leave the windows naked, but I felt naked! So I started in the kitchen and sunroom/office added with blinds. It hampered the view just a little, but with the Florida sun, it is nice to adjust the brightness. I liked it so much- I decided to add them to the bedrooms.

The way our house is, anyone who comes to the front door - they are standing at a large picture window looking in. At night.. I feel like we are on TV, and we have a lot of walkers and I just decided to put up blinds in this room as well. I hung them yesterday, and I already am happy I did.


So, every room across the front of the house (kitchen, sunroom, dining room, laundry, bedrooms have blinds.. except my living room. Looking at the house from the outside, I think it would look better with blinds, inside - I'm not so sure. DO you think it would flow better if I added blinds to the living room windows? From Sideboard Makeover

ALL windows except the centered front have blinds. (picture hard to see) From Sideboard Makeover

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From a purely visual and decorative perspective, I don't think you need to add blinds to your front windows. If you want to add them for functional reasons, then I would do so.

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Not unless they are needed for light control. Your curtains are all a nice light, sheer style and based on the outside picture you posted, I would not even notice the lack of blinds on those windows.

In case I haven't told you this, I love, love the light, airy, breezy look/feel of your entire home. You have motivated me to start looking at ways to lighten my darker, traditional look up. I can only hope!

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I really love the look of your living room windows without blinds. Great view! Having said that, the blinds on your other windows seem really unobstuctive and look great too. I think it looks fine from the outside also, so I guess i'm not much help- I think either way would look good. :-)

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I think they are unnecessary from the outside view. It looks fine and consistent from outside without them, and the living room sits proud of the rest of the facade anyway, so complete consistency isn't necessary even from that standpoint.

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I would put the same white blinds as the other rooms. Privacy is important.

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I don't think they are necessary from an outside view due to the shape of your house. Would be different if it didn't have the jog in the walls though.

Only if you feel the need for having the privacy would I add them.

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