Exterior Generator Service Panel

andyfNovember 22, 2010

Hi All:

Due to the frequent power shortages we get in these parts, I'm fed up running extension cords through the back door and windows of my home.

Just tossing around some ideas in installing a generator service panel outside.

I can see two options,

1/turn off the main breaker just in case power restores, then turn off baseboard heaters then tap in to the 3 mains in my panel w/3wire #8 connected to the 240v generator option. Disadvantage: human error and a possible fried generator.

2/ better, install an additional "generator" outlet beside the existing wall outlets for the components that I'm interested in, and lead all the wiring to an outside panel mounted out of reach and locked from kids.

I need only a few components has cooking and heating are already taken care of through wood stoves. I have a two home unit has I have a granny suite connected to our home.

2 fridges. (one in each kitchen). 120v

1 deep well pump 240v

1 freezer 120v

1 oil furnace 120v (will eventually need this if temperatures reach -32F in the basement.)

1 fireplace insert duel squirrel cage blower fan system 120v

and finally,

1 outlet for a light in granny suite. 120v

This is serviced by a sears 5600/(8600peak) 10hp generator.(this works and the generator doesn't appear to be loaded.)

The outlet for the well would be a dryer plug system on a 12 gauge 3wire run at short distance. On every power outage I'd remove the plug from the house socket and plug it into the generator outlet. This way I don't need to worry about flipped house panel breakers and the like.

Is there a package or equipment already available for this type of setup.?



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Ron Natalie

#1 has a number of personal safety issues for you and for the power company workers in addition to the strong possibility of killing screwing up the generator.

#2 will sort of work but is a pain.

If the particular devices are isolated on receptacles going back to a common point, you can put them on a panel and put in either a manual or automatic transfer to switch them over to the generator.

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The reasonably safe and legal "2 options" are-

Continue to run cords


Install a proper transfer switch.

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