Connecting a cable light system to a track light system

MegabyzusNovember 17, 2013

Summary Question:

Can a cable track light system use a line voltage track system as a power source?

Cable Light System: 4 x LEDs @ 6.7 watts. 1 100W transformer.
Track Light System: 5 x LEDs @ 6.7 watts. Line voltage (120V).


I am planning to install a cable track system (one of those with two parallel cables and light suspended from them). However, the electrical box is across the room on the top of the wall about 11 ft away. Also my ceiling as solid concrete and inaccessible for wiring.

So instead of drawing some kludge wire to the cable light system, I'm planning to add a line voltage track light system across the room and connect the end to power the cable system 100W transformer.

Am I correct to assume, since I am using low watt LEDs across the board, the cable light system will have sufficient power from the line voltage track and will be safe?

Any thoughts and advice will be greatly appreciated!


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Ron Natalie

They make track lighting fixtures that provide a regular 15A receptacle. As long as you don't exceed the rating of the track (should be listed somewhere in the instructions) it should be OK (I assume your cable lights are designed to be plugged in).

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