Sofa Table or Desk??

dakota01September 7, 2011

Just to mix things up in my new FR - I was thinking about using a desk rather than sofa table behind my floating couch.

I saw this in a book that was for small room decorating. While my FR isnt' small, I would like to incorporate a place to use my laptop that would be comfortable for me.

I've looked at sofa tables,consoles, etc. but it is hard to find them with a drawer to stash the laptop.

Just wondering if anyone else has multi-purposed this way and if you have photos please share so I can get an idea of how it may look.

I would like the "desk" "table" to be 24 to 30 inches max.


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I don't have any current pictures, but I linked some images below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Desk Behind Sofa

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I think that's a great idea Jeannie. If there's a TV in your family room you'd most likely have view of that from your desk too. I often watch TV while online so that would be a plus for me.
Here's a few pictures I found by Googling images for "desk behind sofa".

Here is a link that might be useful: More at Apartment Therapy

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West Elm specializes in loft/apartment-sized furniture. I shopped there when hunting for a desk for a home office, but decided against them because they were too shallow for my needs (laptop docking station, double monitors). As I recall, they were pretty much all just 24" deep and about 48" wide.

I checked just now and there is a parsons-style desk (like justgotabme's last photo) with shallow drawers. It comes in various finishes. I think a parsons table works in just about any decor.

Here is a link that might be useful: West Elm

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Love, love that idea...I'm jealous - my sofa has to sit against the wall.

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I sure like that idea of a small desk behind the sofa.
I wanted something as well for my laptop, but wanted
it to be by my comfy wing chair in our family room.
So I drew up a laptop table and we set off to our workshop
to make me a table. I was delighted with the results and
often use this table to pay bills and everything else I need to do.
I'll try and get you a new pic or two of my 'comfort zone.'

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Thanks for the responses, photo's and links. Now, I just have to go about finding the right look, size, color, etc.

I am going to do metal and glass (tranistional) style tables and entertainment console, so I have to get all these pieces to blend, but not be too matchy, matchy...that will be a nightmare for me..

Since my sofa is a warm neutral yellow/beige and my 2 chairs flankng the fp are turquise, citrine, green and different shades of all these, another chair will be a solid turquise, I'm thinking maybe a painted piece might be nice. Even if it's wabasi, or a citron color, just for yet another pop of color. Or maybe make it a neutral color wood, but put turquise glass lamps on it...

I hate making decisions...but, you girls helped me decide that yes, I can put a small console/desk behind my sofa and it will look fine...if I pick the right one, it will be better than fine!

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I love that idea. I am currently doing the opposite, looking for sofa table to use as a desk. It will go in my dining area on a wall behind the dining table so I need something slim like a sofa table.

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From what I'm seeing you can get a sofa table/console w/a drawer, so that if the drawer is large enough a laptop could go in there.. I also want something slim - not too "desky" looking..

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I have to fight everyone for my command station.

all kidding aside this is it...everything is at my fingertips including a backyard view and TV.
The table is just right, and doesn't take up a heap up space.

this is the best I can do on a rainy day.

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Jeannie, I think it is a great idea. That way you are still a part of everything going on and won't feel isolated.

Joann, love your comfort zone. I do a set up very similar in our sitting room during the winter. Everything within view and/or reach, TV, fire, etc. Have to ask, is that an owl I see peeking out of the fireplace?

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Hi Mary lu...they are owl antique iron andirons with green
glass eyes. They were my hubby's
grandpa's andirons from his fireplace in his den.
When we have a fire going -- the eyes sparkle.

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