Suggestion on decorating a damaged wall

satimisSeptember 20, 2012

Hi all,

I'm looking for suggestions to decorate a damaged concrete wall with latex peelings. The wall is about 12'(width) x 8'6"(height).

There is a mirror wall, floor to ceiling, on another side of the room. On other two sides are fixture and windows. Only this damaged wall is exposed to sight.

In my first thought I consider to hang wallpaper on the wall after its preparation. But it is quite time consuming and labour intensive.

Another thought is building a mirror wall to cover it. It'll save lot of work in applying sealant, sanding and hanging wallpaper. Just order the mirror plates acccording to calculated size with four holes at each corner for fixing. The work would be simple just drilling hole on the concrete wall, fixing the mirror, plate by plate, with screws and sealing the gaps with glass silicone.

After finish the room will look quite beautifully decorated. The glass wall can last a number of years. But it doesn't look good having too many mirorrs in the same room. Besides there is a shelf and decoration plates hanging on the wall. Please refer to following photos;




Although there will be no problem to fix them with holes pre-drilled on the mirror by the factory.

Also I have been considering using tempered semi-transparent glass instead of mirror. The glass plate will press on lining paper, colour/pattern/white. Cable connected the LED light will run under the glass plates or in the gap in between. Fixing glass plates would be easier than hanging wallpaper.

Any other suggestion? Advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



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I would not have 2 facing mirrored walls. The reflections will go on forever.

This seems to me to be more than a cosmetic problem because if it's due to moisture there may be exterior problems with drainage or cracks in the concrete foundation. If the damage is due to moisture it's something that needs addressing before refacing the wall.

Once you have determined what the cause of this surface failure is and have repaired that, you can then resurface the wall. I would use insulation, vapor barrier, and drywall on this wall. It could then be painted, then wallpapered if you choose to.

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You got advice earlier on trying to fix the problem and then do proper preparation. Just covering it up could lead to worse problems (mold, mildew and rot among them). Are you renting? Is that why you seem to be avoiding the repair issue?

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Thanks for your advice.

After sorting out the cause of peeling and the odor of paint in repainting I'll repaint the wall.

The other side of the damaged wall is next flat, not open air. The wall is very dry without a trace of moisture. Most the time the room is air-conditioned. My suspected cause is;
a) The wall was not well prepared.
Before painting, the wall was smooth and nicely plastered in white colour. I didn't sand it but painted latex on top.

b) Quality of the latex paint.

I also painted the kitchen and toilet in the same way and at the same time but using waterproof latex. Up to now there is no problem, neither cracking/flaking/peeling found. Unfortunately I already dumped the tub. Neither I have recollection of its brand and quality.

I'm prepared to make a test-painting to check the wall in a small area. Please advise;
a) What quality of Latex to be used
b) In which way I have to prepare the wall


I'll buy a small tin for this purpose.

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