How to best hide or disguise hole in ceiling where light was???

slc2053November 20, 2007

We have a pendant light that we want to remove but we want to keep the electrical box/wiring there in case we want to access it down the road. But, for now, what can we use to "cover" the hole in the ceiling to best protect/cover/disguise it? Do they make covers for this purpose? Thanks.

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Yes, they make a round cover (about 5" dia.) for this. You should be able to find it beside the switch and receptacle coverplates at the hardware store.
If the area you want to cover is larger, an electrical supply store would have larger medallions that can be used in conjunction with the 5" cover.

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Yes, and they're pretty close to flush (but not perfect). Just paint to match the ceiling, and most people won't notice it.

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Various size covers/medallions are in the fan section in the big box stores.

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Thanks all!

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